Friday, April 12, 2013

Global Indian Awards

Successful entrepreneur Ary Sarkar founded the Global Indian Awards in 2003 to honor individuals of Indian descent who have excelled in science, commerce, and the arts.
India’s largest weekly newspaper, India West, covered the lead-up to the awards ceremony. The newspaper’s first article, “Shekhar Suman to host Global Indian Awards”, not only announced the ceremony’s host but also explained Ary Sarkar’s motivation for creating these awards. The then-President and CEO of IG2000 Corporation noted that the Global Indian Awards would be unique because unlike Bollywood awards and other showbiz events, the Global Indian Awards would honor Indian expertise in science and entrepreneurship. 
Event organizer Ary Sarkar (r) receives a proclamation by San Francisco
Mayor Gavin Newsom from a city official. (Som Sharma photo)

Ary Sarkar is also the founder of Global Indian Congress, an organization dedicated to advancing and uniting the global Indian community. Global Indian Congress listed its main goal as the creation of the means where people of Indian origin worldwide can commemorate and celebrate their past and present while creating new paths towards a positive future. Ary Sarkar hoped the Global Indian Awards would help achieve this goal by leading to the most glamorous night San Francisco Bay Area Indians had ever seen.
The India West story also highlighted some of Ary Sarkar’s other professional accomplishments, including his congressional recognition for outstanding service to the community by Congressman Ed Royce. It also mentioned his inclusion in Who’s Who in America, and his serving as Senior Vice President of the Federation of Indo-American Association of Northern California between 2001 and 2002. Ary Sarkar noted that the organization’s advisory board included eminent people from all over the world in the fields of sports, music, journalism, business, and politics. His connection to these professionals helped draw celebrities, politicians, and high-profile personalities from all over the world to the Global Indian Awards.
Pageant winner and runners-up with event organizer Ary Sarkar (l-r): Teresa
Sese, Jessica Rae de Jesus and Meni Jayaswal. (Som Sharma photo)

The Global Indian Awards took place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on September 27, 2003 and was held concurrently with the 13th Annual Miss India Worldwide Beauty Pageant.
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Friday, April 05, 2013

Stanford Who’s Who

Ary Sarkar is the Chairman and CEO of Arable Corporation, a company that develops Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) platforms. The company’s success would not have been possible had Ary Sarkar not gained additional experience with companies such as Octagon Research Solutions, Ninaza, Agro Solutions, and IG2000 Corporation. Ary Sarkar founded the latter two, so he understands what it takes to build a successful organization from the ground up. Ary Sarkar was recently honored for his professional accomplishments with an invitation to join the Stanford Who’s Who 2010 Member Society for Clinical Data Management (learn about CDM).
Stanford Who’s Who was founded on the principle that personal achievement deserves recognition, exposure, and reward. The organization’s stakeholders are dedicated to creating an environment and organization that can do just that. Stanford Who’s Who has created a perfect global platform where a wide network of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs from every industry are able to market themselves and their business. Enrollment with Stanford Who’s Who is by invitation only, which explains why this honor is held in such high esteem.
Prospective members can be nominated by a current Stanford Who’s Who member or be selected for inclusion by the organization’s Marketing and Research Department. The department seeks out accomplished individuals that it feels would benefit from the organization’s extensive networking resources. Stanford Who’s Who uses a variety of selection criteria, but prefers to seek out individuals who are affiliated with professional associations and societies. Professionals who attend core events within their field or subscribe to certain periodicals are also ideal, as this shows that these professionals have sought enrichment within their career fields by participating in activities that extend beyond the workplace.
Ary Sarkar is just one of the executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who make up Stanford Who’s Who’s 50,000 active members.

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Arable Corporation

Arable Corporation specializes in supplying organizations that conduct clinical trials with a collaborative, web-based Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) platform for completing trial operations management (learn more about CTMS). The company believes that by combining the right technologies, it is able to provide clients with a premier service regardless of the size, scope, or budget of their clinical trial.
Arable Corporation’s commitment to offering an effective, easy-to-use CTMS platform stems from Founder Ary Sarkar’s experience in the clinical trial software industry. Ary Sarkar, who currently serves as the firm’s Chairman and CEO, previously spent more than 20 years implementing some of the CTMS industry’s biggest names. While working with this software, Ary Sarkar became frustrated by the difficulties he consistently experienced with each product. He felt there needed to be an alternative that would be easier for end users to utilize. Ary Sarkar founded Arable Corporation in 2010 to address this need.
ArablePerform, a collaborative web-based CTMS platform for trial operations management, is one of the company’s most popular solutions. Developed to be implemented quickly, ArablePerform achieves this task by being easily understood by endpoint clinical users. This eliminates the high financial and time commitments that keep companies from making a switch.
Ary Sarkar and the other members of Arable Corporation carry more than 40 years of combined experience within the clinical trial industry. These staff members have worked at all levels of the clinical industry working sponsors, sites, and contract research organizations (CROs), holding positions from managing subjects and investigations at site level to supervising groups within CROs and sponsoring organizations. Ary Sarkar and his staff also bring extensive experience building, implementing, and managing many other available CTMS platforms. This means Arable Corporation is able to leverage its staff’s experience managing clinical trials and familiarity with other available CTMS platforms to produce a unique software solution created with the end user in mind.

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